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E-mail Addresses: In filling out your order form, you must provide us the e-mail address provided by your Internet Provider. Your Internet Provider is your primary internet service provider and give you access to the internet and provides you an e-mail address. No e-mails from  FREE e-mail Services will be accepted, and may delay your order processing or cause it to be cancelled.. Examples of Free e-mails are yahoo.com, and hotmail.com, altavista.com etc. Examples of e-mail addresses that you may use are: aol.com, pricespower.com, att.net, co.uk, alltel.net, gmx.net, bellsouth.net, etc.

Billing Address: Your Billing Address MUST match the address that your credit card statement is mailed to. Failure to
provide the correct information will delay or cause your order to be cancelled. It is Ok to have a different Ship To
address, but the Billing Address Must be an exact match.

We Are Very Sorry, But We DO NOT Ship Our Products  to AUSTRALIA...due to customs difficulties. The Only Exception is Melatonin and Pregnenolone.

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"The Purchaser" refers to and includes the importer and the end user of the product.
"The Seller" refers to PPI, Inc.

The Purchaser accepts and agrees that: